Uniform Care

Uniforms need to be clean, ironed, and in impeccable condition. Below are some videos and tips to keep your uniform in great shape.

Dress Uniforms

Folding/tying your neckerchief

Dress blues wear & care

How to clean your Dixie Cup

  1. Unfold your Dixie Cup and inspect for any spots or stains.
  2. Making a paste with dishwasher soap and water, scrub and rinse spots, stains or smudges using a toothbrush.
    How to scrub your Dixie Cup
  3. Place Dixie Cup on the upper rack of an empty dishwasher, like how a glass is placed.
  4. Add 2 cups white vinegar to the bottom of the dishwasher.
  5. Add dishwasher soap to the dispenser and run the dishwasher cycle.
  6. Make sure hands are very clean from this point forward.
  7. When dishwasher cycle is completely finished, remove Dixie Cup hat.
  8. Reshape Dixie Cup hat for wearing.
  9. Place on towel to air dry. (The hat may shrink. With very clean hair and face, put the hat on while it’s damp and stretch it around the top of your head if necessary to ensure its proper fit.)

Working uniforms

Folding your sleeves

Folding your NWU

Dress shoes & boots

Shining boots

Lacing your boots

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