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Homeport (Quarterdeck) Sign up

Click on the “Quarterdeck” button above, then fill out the short form and submit it. Your USNSCC ID is your ID number.

From the Quaterdeck you can get to “POLARIS” a web-based coursework application. Once you have signed up, follow the steps to start your coursework and search for Advance Trainings. Remember, the first training you’ll ever do is RT (Recruit Training) A.K.A. “Bootcamp”. To qualify for Bootcamp you need to pass the E-1 coursework in POLARIS.

Join the SlackGroup

If you are an active member of the George Washington Division Join the Slack Group by going to the link and sending a request to be added. There is timely communication happening and you don’t want to miss anything.

Advanced Training

Once you have signed up in Quarterdeck/Homeport and successfully finished the coursework in Polaris, you can search for Recruit and Advanced Trainings available by clicking on the buttons above. This link will take you to your account within Homeport. Be sure you sign in, then click on the links to expand, read about requirements and information needed. If you have fulfilled the requirements and want to participate in any of the trainings, ask your parent to register you via parent portal.

Cadets that join our “Sea Cadets Red Cross Club” have the opportunity to join community events, Red Cross events and earn community service hours (CSH), good for CS ribbon, school, resume building and college or job applications. To log on our Sea Cadet Red Cross Club click on the American Red Cross dogtags.

We partnered with the Young Eagles to attend events where cadets fly in small single-engine planes. The first flight is the kick off to free membership, which upon registration, cadets gain access to the on-line “Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course.” A 6-module program has been developed so cadets can learn the material and take their license test. This will earn cadets their bronze wings. The more cadets attend the Young Eagles events, the more flying-hours they earn towards a full license. Upon receiving their pilot license cadets earn the gold wings. Check out the drill schedule to find upcoming events.

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