Aviation Drill Part I – West Point 2nd Aviation Detachment

Aviation Drill Part I – West Point 2nd Aviation Detachment at Stewart International Airport – October 16, 2021

CW3 Kenneth Rudo and SFC Mark Proffitt gave the tour and enlightened cadets on the workings of aviation and the military as a whole. Cadets had the opportunity to learn about combat planes, helicopters, and go inside a LUH-72 Lakota Helicopter (Civilian Model is Eurocopter 145). These choppers are used in a wide array of missions from Medevac, VIP transport at West Point, Parachute jump teams, Sling Load Equipment, Fire Suppression with Bambi bucket, and Search and Rescue.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to be able to show the younger generation about our world and all that we do with our aircraft and share our experience in the military with them. It is always nice to be able to shape the younger generation and give them an idea of what the real military is like no matter what branch since it gives them options to think about. We all have our own missions and capabilities in many different ways.”
—SFC Proffitt, a Sea Cadet Alumni, and active Officer of the Army for 21 years.

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