2024 Drill Schedule

FEBRUARY 24*-25*AUGUST 21 (15y/o+)
MARCH 16*-17*SEPTEMBER 14*-15*
Aviation 3/16-4/6OCTOBER 5*-6*
APRIL 13*-14*, 21NOVEMBER 9*-10*
MAY 19, 25*-26*-27*DECEMBER 14*-15*
JUNE 22*-23*
*Mandatory drills


Cadets are required to attend at least 75% of mandatory Drills (on or off base). Punctuality is essential! Report to and be picked up upon dismissal exactly at the specified time published on the Plan of the Month (POM). When the drill is a field trip, cadets must be dropped off and picked up to and from the location of the field trip (often within 1 or 2 hours of driving distance.) Please be aware that this schedule may change.

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